Here at Fit At The Tee, we not only want you playing better golf, we want you playing better golf without pain. Here is what a few of our clients have had to say about us:

"I've been working with Vanessa and her staff to repair and strengthen my body. We have begun work on my swing with the K-vest and the results are astounding. Not only am I playing a full 18 holes of golf pain free again, I recently shot 67 on a golf trip to Arizona. I can honestly say that my PT sessions are the highlight of my week.  They take me, my ideas, and my health very seriously. I get pushed every session with strength, stamina, and flexibility exercises.  My pain is manageable and my quality of life has improved dramatically. While I will always be disabled, I am no longer handicapped.

From the bottom of my heart Vanessa, thank you for giving me a part of my life back that I thought was taken from me. I am an athlete again."

-Terry E.


"I've increased my drives over 50 yards in just 4 visits!" 

-David K.


"I've been to a few Physical Therapists in San Diego and this was my best experience yet"

-Dante C.

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